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June 12th, 2015
Completed 50% of the entire Manchester MetroLink tram network for the tramPro project.
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January, 2016
Recently finished tramPro for the whole Nottingham NET tram network.
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ARCmotion offer a wide range of visualisation services. Drawing on a wealth of experience gained from working within Hong Kong and the UK over the past 20 years as reflected in our online portfolio.

Through 3D visualisation and the world of multimedia we have the tools and expertise to provide our clients with

• a design tool from conception to completion

• support in approval and planning proposals

• an aid in demonstrating concepts and ideas

• marketing and promoting projects

• help in gaining public support and funding

ARCmotion are joint developers of the award wining tramPro driver training software. Over the past 6 years we been developing the sofware and building rail networks around the UK. TramPro gives new and exisiting drivers the route knowledge required to drive the various routes and moves before the construction of the line is even complete.

• 3D Route knowledge driver training software for desktop computers (Mac or PC).

•Training for scenarios, incidents and accident blackspots to improve rail safetly and efficiency.

• Simulations can include various weather and visability conditions day or night. Vehicule and pedestrian incidents.



ARCmotion realTime is the Virtual Reality 3D modeling branch of the company.Using the latest computer gaming software, ARCmotionRt will build your space and enable you to walk, drive or fly around and interact with your scheme all rendered in realTime.


Ideal for master planning projects

Wayfinding design

CCTV locationing

Training and simulation exercises.

Animation: Conceptural design presentations, visual impact studies, technical studies, animtated Method statements, Design-build tender submisions through to marketing presentations, corporate videos and TVC`s.
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